Electronics Projects

Electronic Projects Makes Learning Basic Electronic Theory and Skills Fun

Executive Summary By Wendy Pan

The other school favors the hands-on approach that combines learning theory while conducting experiments and while building practical projects. Building simple electronics projects allows the student to see electronic theory in action, and it allows them to develop essential skills like soldering, disordering, working with pc (printed circuit) boards, etc.

Carl's AK-100 Learn to Solder Kit is one of those simple electronics projects that not only teach you how to solder, it teaches you another essential skill, how to read color codes, while building a working electronic siren. Well you can buy the box and then install the electronic playback unit that you have built from a kit. Carl's Music Box kit is another of those simple electronics projects that allows you to practice the skills that you have already learned while developing new skills and mastering new theory. Enjoy your newfound hobby of building simple electronics projects. Carl's is just one o many online sources for electronic kits, tools, and supplies.

Fun Electronic Projects for Kids

Executive SummaryBy Bill Adamson

The excitement of building electronic projects that actually work provides a great learning process for young kids exploring the field of electronics.

Learning by Doing

Many of today's computer games do have some redeeming value for learning. A child can develop good eye-hand coordination, learn by trial and error, and strengthen memory by recalling various sequences when sent back to prior levels of play. However, a parent's dilemma may revolve around their child's obsessive use of computer games.

When the "puzzle" of electronic projects with various loose parts is presented to your child a whole new avenue of learning develops.

It Works!

There are several electronics kits suitable for your child available in internet stores.

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