Electronic Circuit

Learning to Design an Electronic Circuit Properly

Executive Summary By Frederic C Padilla

Circuit is made with some basic parts such as capacitors and resistors. Those basic parts are then built into some several combination that structure building blocks for other circuits.

Some people who have enough experiences might not find any difficulty in designing electronic circuit.

First, you need to know well about the characteristics and behavior of either intermediate or advanced components of electronic circuit. Sometimes, you can find sample circuits that will help you get more information in using the parts. Some parts that usually contain this information are including semiconductors such as diodes, transistors, as well as op-amps.

Second, you should also learn more about some basic circuits used in many kinds of electronic devices. You will also get this information easily from any basic electronics text. For example, you can have more practices in modifying a Light-Emitting Diode (LED) circuit.

By following those simple steps, you will easily get used to design electronic circuit properly.

Veroboard and How to Construct an Electronics Circuit

Executive Summary By Alfred Chai Wei Liang

In electronics, one has to know about circuit building. Circuit building is an essential skill if one is interested to build robots. There are the bread board, 'vero board' and 'PCB' (printed circuit board). These three are the types of electronics circuits. A 'vero board' will have many holes lined up horizontally and vertically. If you have ten horizontal rows of holes, then you have ten horizontal wires. To insert the components into the board, you have to solder. Soldering is whereby you heat up the soldering iron tip until it is hot enough. Be wary of cold solder joints. A cold joint contains holes and cracks and voids inside.

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