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Workbenches (Types)

Executive Summary By John Cheesman

Workbenches range widely in their design, they can be small like some jewellers workbenches, or very large workbenches such as staircase makers may use. Most workbenches are of rectangular shape, and have a flat working top surface. They can vary widely in design, and different sizes and types of workbench will be utilized for specific types of work.

    * Metal Work benches

    * Woodworking benches

    * Gardening benches

    * Electronics Workbenches

    * Laboratory Workbenches

    * General and Multi-Purpose workbenches

More modern woodworking benches are now made of metal and wood, with the general frame-work of the bench being manufactured from metal, and the work surface made from timber or timber product. Metal working benches are generally made from metal. Metal working vices can be attached to the benches by clamps, or more usually bolted to the surface of the workbench for a more sturdy fixture.

Other types of workbench can include ;  Adjustable workbenches and Cantilever workbenches. Adjustable workbenches may be manually or electrically powered, to alter the working height and angle etc.

The work surface usually consists of two pieces of hard durable material.

Steel Workbenches Can Handle Anything You Throw at Them

Executive Summary By Y. Tilden

Advanced work requires an advanced workspace and modern workbenches offer a sturdy place to work that looks stylish at the same time.

Steel workbenches, in particular, combine a contemporary design with a high level of strength and reliability. The strong steel workbenches are made with all-welded 16-gauge box steel frames and usually come with powder coat finishes. Even though steel is very strong, powder coating protects the frame from being scratched or nicked, allowing your steel workbench to maintain a clean and professional appearance.

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