Samson’s USB Meteor Mic is Far From Boring

If you take pride in your computing prowess the last thing you want cluttering up your desktop is a boring old generic microphone. But how do you give your workspace a little more style and class without shelling out tons of cash? Consider the new Meteor Mic from Samson. Designed to look like an “old skool” microphone from the glory days of radio and the birth of Television, this mic has that classic stainless steel look and “egg-shape” chassis. But it is a microphone and all that style isn’t worth a dime if it doesn’t perform, right?

You don’t have to worry about that. While the Meteor Mic won’t outdo some high-end mics in the field of fidelity, it will serve reliably and a few modern features. The first of which you’ll notice is the little tripod on which the mic rests. Those legs close up when the mic isn’t in use and make it ultra-portable (they even include a velveteen carry case!)

However, a little more exciting is the 1.8 inch headphone port you’ll find built right into the mic. You can monitor your own recordings in real time and now what they’ll sound like before you ever play them back.

The mic is also driver-free so you don’t have to worry about software compatibility ruining your recordings.

The mic is a little more pricey than a generic one but still within reason at just under $100.

For full specs and info, visit the official Samson Audio website.


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