How to change a DoFollow Blog

From the first to make this blog, I've wanted to make Dofollow Blog,but I do not know how to change his script templates into Dofollow.Only yesterday when I Blogwalking here, I found my way and postback on this blog let friends who want to change it so DofollowBlogs can be helped with this article.

How to change the Blog Being Dofollow is a little script by modifying the template Bookmarks
following way:

1). Login to the dashboard ==> Edit HTML ==> (Check) "Expand Widget Templates"

2). Find the HTML code:

3). Change to:

4). Then last do not forget to click on the (Save), to save the changes.

As for wordpress like this way:

1. go into the wp-include

2). locate the file "comment-template.php"

3). search code

$ return = "
$ author "

4). Change becomes

$ return = "
$ author ";

This trick specific to blog that is uploaded to Webhosting.


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